Monday, May 28, 2007

Sleepy Memorial Day

Someone is still tired from his big weekend.

I am enjoying this sedentary moment while it lasts.


Joanna, waiting for Camry said...

He's so cute! And you're right, he and Tai really do look alike!! :) I can't believe that he weighs SO much, wow!!!! I think you're going to have a VERY big boy on your hands. Have fun with that! :) Kiss the monster man for me (if you dare get that close!)!

8675309 said...

Yes, the monster man is getting more monstrous (in size, anyway) by the day! Fortunately, he's not a "puller" when he walks, so that's been manageable thus far...and I'm hoping he will be neutered before the ol' hormones make him crazy. :)

Three days 'til Camry!!!!