Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Decorate Your Dog Neck

Our friend & fellow puppy raiser Denise makes fantastic dog collars, and has FINALLY put up her website: Kamra's Kloset.

You will see Truman (and perhaps some other pups you recognize?) featured in the Happy Puppies gallery, sporting some of the merchandise. Seriously, check out her wares! Truman has a terrific new Kamra's Kloset collar you haven't seen yet, made out of appropriate fabric for our upcoming pirate-themed GDA Open House (June 9th, if you're in the area).


Tabatha said...

I love the little Chocolate puppy on thier. that a GDA pup??

Runza said...

Oooh, that sounds fun. I rather wish I could be in the area.

8675309 said...

tabatha -- yes, oceana's a cute little chocolate GDA pup. A "dark chocolate" GDA pup!

runza -- wish you could come to Open House! maybe next year. :)