Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Q&A with Bronx

Bronx waited until the last couple of days with us to put on his NaughtyPants. Seriously, he is such a good and sweet little dog...but when he decides to do something against the law, he goes into stealth mode and does it quickly and quietly. Now, I am a vigilant puppy raiser, but this one flew under my radar, and he did it repeatedly.

A Bronx Q&A from the last few days:

Jenny: "What is my shoe doing off the shoe rack? And where is the other one?"
Bronx: "Check the living room, where you were just two minutes ago. It tastes like Disneyland."

Jenny: "Is that an ink pen sticking out of both sides of your mouth?"
Bronx: "Mmhmmf."

Jenny: "Where did my hair tie go? I could have sworn I had it this morning...."
Bronx: "You'll see it again. Probably just after dinner."

Jenny: "What's that giant black lump in the middle of my bed?"
Bronx: "Oh, hi. Enjoy your three-minute bathroom break? The yellow dog just jumped off and ran away, muttering something about the cops, but I'm lovin' this TempurPedic mattress. Wanna join me?"

Jenny: "What are you eating? Open up."
Bronx: "I believe it's excrement. You're gonna wanna wash those fingers."

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rock You Like a Furricane

The Bronx is back. We've been puppysitting him for a week, and when he and Truman are in the same room, it's CrackTown, U.S.A. They simply do not stop without enforced time-outs.

Bronx is a sweet little guy, six months old now and still intact. He's pretty mellow on his own, but he and Truman have been taking turns doing inappropriate things to each other in the name of dominance. It's been hard for me to accomplish anyth-- excuse me for a moment, won't you?


Ahem! Okay then. So, "Humpus and Grumpus," as I've taken to calling them, are home with me today while Wolf is out doing some steam locomotive stuff and big band music stuff. It's been a long day of absolute nonproductivity for me. I figured I could separate the boys successfully by taking Bronx out on a few errands (it's nice to have a portable dog in the house again), and maybe stopping for coffee somewhere.

But I can't find my keys.

And I'm almost certain they're in Wolf's car.

So I'm pretty sure I'm stuck here in the eye of the furricane until...tomorrow, basically, unless I feel like going out for coffee at 2 A.M., when I expect him home.