Friday, May 04, 2007

New Favorite Toy

April 21 - Truman receives "The Banana," a very silly toy that instantly becomes his favorite, from Auntie Tina and Uncle Ron. As of this writing, The Banana is miraculously still intact and very popular.


L^2 said...

haha... so cute! :-)
My Stella had a banana toy when she was little too (but her's didn't have the face, hat and everything like Truman's), and it was one of a very few toys that somehow survived her puppyhood.

JuliaR said...

Omigosh it's just like what "genewolf" on Flickr calls the hairy eyeball.

8675309 said...

l^2 -- It's funny the things they choose, isn't it? I try to figure out if it's the texture, or the taste, or what, but I never know what's going to last and what's going to be destroyed upon introduction.

julia -- LOL!!! "Hairy eyeball" is fantastic.

Kyre. said...

Cutest. Face. Ever. Ever.