Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering a 9/11 Hero

Do you know the story of Roselle, the guide dog who led her partner Michael Hingson to safety down more than 70 flights of stairs at the World Trade Center five years ago today?

Michael and Roselle are scheduled to appear on the Larry King Live show tonight (9PM Eastern, but check your local listings).

Fellow puppy raisers, this is just one more reason we do what we do -- one more thing to remember when your heart is breaking on turn-in day. Your sacrifice means independence for someone else, but it might also mean life itself. Kiss your puppy and say a prayer for the person who will receive him, and may you all be blessed today.


The Chandler Man said...

Michael and Roselle are the exact reason I started raising puppies. It still amazes me. I can only hope my puppies will someday help their partner that much.

e said...

Wow. Amazing story.
Keep up the good work everyone. Humans (guide dog raisers) and Doggies. The quality of life with dogs is well worth it.

Alisa said...

my two minutes of fame: when i interned up at gdb two summers ago, on my lunch break i would walk to the nearby mall to buy lunch with the other interns. two or three times a week michael would give me money to go pick up lunch for him as well :-) he's SUCH a nice guy...and roselle is pretty great too!

Puppyless Alisa

8675309 said...

e -- You're right, it's absolutely worth it. :)

And Alisa -- that's so cool! I saw the (all too brief) Larry King interview, and Michael seemed like a great guy. And Roselle was adorable, sitting there next to him, so serious and dignified.

ranger said...

right on lomax! that was a great story.

Natalie said...

So true...thanks for the awesome post :)

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Well said Jenny - that day is etched in all our minds forever, and stories like this one make us all appreciate puppy raisers like you all the more. You do a remarkable job and we all love you for it !


The Dog Blog said...

You know there were 2 other guide dog besides Roselle, right? Sorry if I'm breaking the vibe, but I just had to mention it.

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Jenny,

Just checking up on you to make sure you are ok.

I read this post, and of course the human was o.k, they had a Labrador with them!

You see, we just know stuff!
Stuff humans cant understand. Thats why we make good leader and assistance dogs.

Thats also why I ALWAYS stay close to my dad, you see, he's stupid, and gets into all kinds of situations, and he quiet often requires K9 assistance to get him through:-)

Why does it appear like humans are running the world? Because thats what we want you to think:-)

Luv Chuckles

8675309 said...

Ranger, Nat & Opy -- thanks. :)

Dog Blog -- yes, I'd heard there were other guides in the WTC, but I don't know their seems Michael and Roselle's story is well known, so that's where I pointed, but I certainly acknowledge and honor for the others as well! If anyone has any links to stories about other guides on that day, feel free to post 'em. I'm sure we'd all enjoy the read.

Charlie -- thanks for checking're so good about that! I'm fine, thanks. I just get a little lazy between puppy raising assignments, and if there's no Lomax news, know.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience with me between posts! I'll be watching another dog this coming week, so keep your eyes peeled for more info....

JuliaR said...

I have seen Roselle's story a couple of time. I think one of them was on either "Animal Miracles" or "Dogs with Jobs" (or both). Here are some links to the other two dog stories.
Those two are both about the same man and dog but in one story, the dog is called "Salty" and in the other, he is called "Dorado". Don't know why.
Here's another story on Roselle including puppy-walking info.

The Dog Blog said...

the dogs name changes in the story I think because he got his name changed. I know at least one of the WTC dogs had to get their name changed!