Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Princess Wrio

Aside from the snoring, Wrio's the most feminine dog I've ever watched; even her little barks are girly.

Her puppy raiser recounted a swimming pool adventure in which Wrio, instead of splashing about and belly-flopping in like many a boy dog would do, daintily paddled from the shallow end to the deep end, pulled herself up onto an inflatable raft and floated around as if she owned the place.

So my roommate decided Wrio needed to wear the proper attire while I was acting as her servant.

"What is this 'sit' you keep demanding I perform, peasant? It displeases me."

"The princess prefers lying down. Now fetch me a cookie."


Erynn & Jake said...

Very cute!!

JuliaR said...

Oh the tiara! You are bad. :)

Natalie said...

haha so cute!

In these pictures, you can really see how petite she is...it's like Dakota Fanning on a pillow! ;)

8675309 said...

Please, Julia. I put Lomax in full Roman soldier regalia for Halloween -- Wrio has no right to complain about a tiara for a couple of photos.

Puppies all over GDA are breathing a sigh of relief that I will not be their puppy raiser at this year's October meeting.

JuliaR said...

Oh I remember those Lomax photos, in costume! I love dressing up dogs - mine just never tolerate it. She looks perfect in her tiara.

The Dog Blog said...

She's beauty & she's grace she's miss united states...Well that's what I thought. I would certanly root for her!

p.s. there's nothing wrong with dressing a dog up. Molly,my cocker, loves it.

Charlie The Big Dog said...

It looks kinda right though doesnt it:-)

She wears it well!


e said...

oh so cute!!! Lomax is um, beautiful!
More pictures please.
Fei and E