Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Lomax!

My boy turns two years old today!

When I drove up to the school on Monday to pick up Ingrid, I took birthday presents for the boys: a Jolly Ball for Liam (from his puppy raisers) and a linked ring tug toy for Lomax. Hopefully, they'll play nice and share with their sisters Luca and Lara as well (no word yet, by the way, on the three sisters still under breeder evaluation).

I also baked Lomax's favorite cookies for the kennel, vet, training and puppy department staff.

The note I attached read: "In honor of Lomax's birthday, please enjoy these indicators of his discriminating palate: they're the only thing he ever stole off my kitchen table."

UPDATE: Want to see some Lomax baby pictures? Joanna has some on her blog!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lomax!

We wish you many more.

Sam and Patience

ranger said...

happy barkday!!!!


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Lomax, Liam, Luca and Lara!! =)

Jenny, hilarious note! =)