Sunday, April 15, 2007

Truman 3, Pants 0

Three pairs of my favorite jeans, which are no longer made.

Trumanated. Ripped by an exuberant, open-jawed, leaping Labrador who doesn't always want to go for a nice calm walk.

It's a good thing he's so freakin' cute.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you Jenny, I really do!!
Truman sounds very much like Fortune (AKA Fang) when she was a pup.

~Vet said...

I just have to ask, were they GAP jeans? My favorite style has been discontinued also. :(

8675309 said...

Yes, Yvette, YES THEY WERE!!!!!! And I am so dreading the process of finding other ones that fit me....

Curse you, GAP. Curse you.

Joanna and Dash said...

Oh Truman.

Sorry about the pants. That's very unfortunate.

cmw said...

Oh--why, oh, why is it so hard to find a new pair of fabulous jeans??? I feel for you!!

Cats don't eat jeans. But I just returned from a trip and have 1 broken lamp and a very unhappy aloe vera plant. :)

nm said...


What you couldn't get to the very expensive italian loafers?


Maybe mom can have some stuffed toys made out of her jeans for you.



Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Truman,

You have been nominated for Photo of the Month over at the DWB's Bone Zone - head on over and cast your vote :-)