Saturday, April 14, 2007

Teach Me Your Ways, O Truman

Many would say I'm witty and intelligent, and some might even find me interesting and perhaps even attractive. I have a good job, am involved in a variety of activities, service organizations and church groups, and I meet new people all the time here in Los Angeles -- one of the largest and most diverse metropolitan areas in the nation. Despite my best efforts, I am still single.

And yet, not ten weeks into his earthly existence, my dog has a wealthy benefactor.

Great news: Truman is now a "sponsored puppy." That means some generous person (in our case, a "Mr. R") has donated money to GDA that will take care of the expenses involved in Truman's puppy stage. That means, among other things, that we get reimbursed for an obedience course and receive several free bags of our expensive dog food, which is welcome news for my budget!

I suppose it's rude of me to assume Mr. R is wealthy -- but he is extremely generous. Truman is the seventh dog he has sponsored, and he has yet to see a graduate. (No pressure, little man....)

It's an honor to be asked to raise a sponsored dog, because it comes with extra responsibility. It will be my joy and privilege to keep Mr. R updated as to Truman's progress through photos and detailed quarterly reports which will surely exceed his page-count expectations.

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FleasGang said...

That's great news for the both of you. Now you can buy yourself a couple of new pair of jeans with all the money you're gonna be saving :-)