Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The countdown continues! In just three days, I'll once again hear the patter of little...toenails and ID tags?...in my apartment.

I've been attending puppy kindergarten and finishing up the last of my "puppy preparedness plan," which could be more accurately described as my "good reason to clean the apartment and get rid of unnecessary crap."

Meanwhile, since there's not much I can write about a dog I don't yet have, I thought you might enjoy learning a little about another famous Truman.


Joanna and the dogs said...

Jenny, I am SO excited for you!!!!!

On another note... I was late in flipping my South Bay calendar for the month of March. So, not even thinking about it, as I was brushing my teeth this morning, I flip from February to March, only to be greeted by an ADORABLE, very SMILEY little man!!!!! I'm glad March is one of the long months. :)

8675309 said...

Yes indeedy -- as Matt & Amy said to me a few days ago, "Happy Moof Month!"

For those of you who are confused, Lomax is "Mr. March" on the GDA South Bay Puppy Raisers 2007 calendar. :)