Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lomax's Seafaring Weekend, Part I: Marina Del Moof

The Judsons, area leaders of the GDA Westside puppy raisers group, generously hosted a potluck "dock party" on Saturday at their sailboat in Marina del Rey. In addition to delicious (human) food of all kinds, we enjoyed the sunny weather, a dog-toy door prize drawing (Lomax is enjoying his squeaky mouse even as I type), and the company of new friends!

Here's a photo of my boy with Clark, the black Lab being trained by the Judsons:

This lovely lady, Roxy, already knew about Lomax because she belongs to the group where he started out his training:

Lomax had a great time socializing, hanging out, walking in the nearby park, exploring the bow of the sailboat, and looking handsome in his jacket as always.

In addition to GDA pups young and, make that "of breeder status," we were also privileged to meet guide dog user Rebecca and Leslie, her guide dog (who is from a different school here in California, Guide Dogs for the Blind).

Many thanks once again to our gracious hosts Glyn and his wife Marilyn, who is shown here holding Chester (one of Chandler's littermates)!


The Chandler Man said...

Yay for Chandler littermates!!! Chester is cute.. :)

8675309 said...

And I met two more littermates last night at our meeting! Carlee and Cyrus, who are both very fluffy and curly as well. I'll send you pics!

Timbo said...

Jenny, you should have gotten a pic with Chester and then you could have called it "Chester and the Jester."