Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Looking for Mr. Lomax

On my other blog, I like to post the occasional list of odd Web searches people have done that have led them to my humble online abode. The stats for this site aren't usually as bizarre, though they always -- and by always, I mean every single day -- show at least one or two searches for some form of "dingo ate your baby," which I find hilarious in itself. I didn't realize that phrase had become such a pop culture reference...but I guess that's what happens when Seinfeld is in syndication such that it airs fifty-seven times a day.

Today, however, brought a collection of real winners:

* tame the tongue
* baloo costume
* river beastie
* minute long pee
* tights are no big deal
* longest pee ever
* be he man or be he beastie

I especially enjoyed that last one.


JuliaR said...

You know, aside from the original context, when I hear “the dingo ate your baby”, I think of Frasier not Seinfeld. Niles and Maris were talking about having a baby so Niles decided to carry around a 5 pound bag of flour in a snuggly and it got more and more beat up - there was, I believe, duct tape on the bag at one point. Then Niles forgot the bag on the couch at Frasier’s place and Eddie tore it apart. It was Daphne who came into the room and uttered the immortal line.

8675309 said...

Hah! I never saw that one!

Calvin said...

We like "Baloo Costume".

Sam, Calvin, Patience, and big Baloo

Natalie said...

"Tights are no big deal" LMAO

Also, do you use Sitemeter? Because I tried that on mine but it's not working.

Nat and Petey

8675309 said...

I do use Sitemeter, Nat -- what's the thing that's not working for you? They probably have a help section....