Friday, April 28, 2006

Formal Training Update

Dreary and overcast day... bleah. So I've posted a photo that I took on a sunny day, to make me feel better. Doesn't Lomax appear to be looking back at whatever it is that's left its looming shadow? "Can I eat it before it eats me?"

I realized this evening that I haven't updated you with regard to Lomax's turn-in date, when he'll go to live at the school for formal training (we call it "IFT"). He's nineteen months old now, so he's theoretically of age and due to go in during the May turn-in, but he's been given a reprieve -- hooray! I get to keep my boy another three months or so. The next turn-in is in late July.

His brother Liam isn't going in May, either, which I'm guessing means the entire "L" litter is going in July. There must be too many dogs this time around, and I know the school is looking to hire another person in the training department. It's apparently a very busy time.

That's excellent news as far as I'm concerned! It gives me more time to work with Lomax on his distracted ways; it gives him more time to mature. It also gives us more time to cuddle. Three months seems like a long time now, but I know it will pass in a flash. I'm sure gonna miss this silly little dog.


Natalie said...

Sorry to rub it in but Petey and I jsut went for a walk in the ravine on this beautiful day in Toronto! :P haha

Wow, three months!! That sounds like such a short time but it's better than one month at least :) I think Lomax will make a great guide dog! :D

Hugs and puppy kisses,
Nat and Petey

8675309 said...

Ha ha indeed! I really have nothing to complain about, living where I do. The weather is back to being nice today...and it will be even sunnier tomorrow. And besides, Nat...I can "rub it in" all winter for you guys: "Ohhh got all the way down to 62 degrees today...I'm going to freeeeeze!"


Thank you for the vote of confidence, Nat and Petey -- I hope Lomax does make it to working guide status. But we're trying to balance our hopes with reality, and not be either too certain or too discouraged (some days it's hard). It's best to focus on each day as it comes, and do the most we can to work and work and WORK his little tail off!

Denise said...

Lomax is not the only one to get a reprieve Kamra GDA's "K" litter also has a July turn in date. But some of her other litter mates are going on May 13th.

8675309 said...

Hey! I know Kamra! just never know who's reading the blog. ;) Thanks for visiting!

Glad you get to keep her for a few extra months, too.

The Dog Blog said...

Well, That's just great! But from the words of an experienced puppy raiser..."you never have enough time"(no,I didn't say that)But any way, glad to see your taming the beastie for a few months yet.