Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Q&A with Bronx

Bronx waited until the last couple of days with us to put on his NaughtyPants. Seriously, he is such a good and sweet little dog...but when he decides to do something against the law, he goes into stealth mode and does it quickly and quietly. Now, I am a vigilant puppy raiser, but this one flew under my radar, and he did it repeatedly.

A Bronx Q&A from the last few days:

Jenny: "What is my shoe doing off the shoe rack? And where is the other one?"
Bronx: "Check the living room, where you were just two minutes ago. It tastes like Disneyland."

Jenny: "Is that an ink pen sticking out of both sides of your mouth?"
Bronx: "Mmhmmf."

Jenny: "Where did my hair tie go? I could have sworn I had it this morning...."
Bronx: "You'll see it again. Probably just after dinner."

Jenny: "What's that giant black lump in the middle of my bed?"
Bronx: "Oh, hi. Enjoy your three-minute bathroom break? The yellow dog just jumped off and ran away, muttering something about the cops, but I'm lovin' this TempurPedic mattress. Wanna join me?"

Jenny: "What are you eating? Open up."
Bronx: "I believe it's excrement. You're gonna wanna wash those fingers."


Randolph said...

Dear Jenny:
Bronx has impressive energy and reminds me of myself when I was a puppy (I admit I wasn't as creative in the trouble I got up too)...His name's appropriate since that northern borough of my fair city is known for its creative rambuctiousness. I enjoy your blog and commend your good training work!

Carrie and Waffle said...

sounds like he put on his smarty pants too. Cheeky little pup!

Anonymous said...

Ha - love the way you told this story. :)

Kasha said...

Super funny post! What a great puppy. Thank you for all that you are doing for dogs and people in need! Incredible!

JuliaR said...

Now I know why there are no pictures posted!