Friday, October 12, 2007

"Halloween Meeting" Part 1

Poor Truman, so young and naive. No idea what was in store for him at the October puppy raiser meeting: the annual dog Halloween costume contest. No clue whatsoever concerning my notorious infliction of canine indignities past, of elaborate costumes such as Lomaximus, Mighty Roman Centurion. But we'll get to Truman's costume in our next post.

For now, please enjoy a few of the evening's other fine costumes!

Paging Dr. Soren! You're needed in LABaroscopic surgery:

With a name like "Virtue," is there a more appropriate costume?

SuperGrady (brother of Geo):

Little Pumpkinhead Emury:

"Scariest" costume prize went to Hedda, for her portrayal of Hannah Montana:

"Most Creative" costume prize went to GoldenDoodles Carlee and Cyrus as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion:

However, "Most Creative" was a tie between them and two other dogs. Bet you can guess who! Stay tuned....


Kimberly & Rufus said...

Those are some very cute and creative costumes. :-)

Rufus gets off easy this year. No costume, just a bandanna, since we have a meeting to go to on Halloween. He will be so relieved. He thinks he is too dignified for costumes, LOL.

cube said...

I vote Truman for most creative, although for a minute there I thought he was Harry Potter.

Love the Hannah Montana costume, although I thought that might've been Britney before she shaved her head.