Sunday, June 03, 2007

Can I Get an Interpretation?

Truman attended church with me for the very first time today.

And only barked once.

I am grateful for many things in my life of faith. Among them is my pastor, who has welcomed all his quadrupedal congregants with the same grace and enthusiasm as he welcomes the bipeds. Even when they're improperly exercising their spiritual gifts.


Erin & Rei said...

ha ha ha! thats funny! I wish our church allowed Rei in.

ah wellll

Runza said...

That's great your church allows Truman. I'm glad he did well!

JuliaR said...

When Uma was still a guide dog puppy, we took her to a friend's wedding in church and she was so good until... the couple went to the back to sign the register and there was silence for several minutes. Suddenly, to announce they were coming back, the organist played some crashing note on the LOUD instrument and Uma barked because she was startled. I jumped up and ran outside with her in case she barked some more but she didn't. So Truman was very good, I think. And you're right - he is so BIG now!

DebbieKinIL said...

Popped over from Tankers Bros- For almost a year at my Old Church in GA, Transfiguration Catholic Church, we had a guide dog in training at the end of our pew. We never realized that the dog was there, until we got up and went to Communion and had to past him.

I think that having a pastor who had 4 basset hounds (too long of a story to tell here) paved the way for the training sessions. BTW the pastor Msgr Bishop would bring his "family" into Church at least twice a year. He loved blessing the critters. And no, he was not a GA Bulldawg graduate!

8675309 said...

Erin & Runza: thanks! Yep, my church is pretty casual...not sure how I would have approached the situation if I went someplace "fancy." :)

Julia...hilarious. Some puppy raiser friends of mine saw their dog sprint up the aisle during communion once. You just never know what to expect!

DebbieK, welcome! I'm a Tanker Bros. regular reader (and sometimes RVF faster). See ya there....