Saturday, December 30, 2006

Postcards From the Moof

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! I've been using my time off from work to visit my family in Fresno -- my parents' dog was quite pleased to see I arrived sans canine this year -- and to do some projects around the apartment.

A few of Lomax's classmates have sent postcards home in the last few weeks, so I've been watching my mail box. I'm happy to report that today, my little man has finally checked in:

Dear Mom,

Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you an update from Guide Dog College. I've been learning lots and we get to go to new and exciting places almost every day! We rode the subway the other day and worked around downtown Los Angeles.

Some of my friends have decided to go home, but I think I want to stay and try to learn more. Hope you all are doing well!


I'm so proud of him. Just thinking about him in his harness, looking all handsome and serious (Lomax? SERIOUS?), makes me smile.


Natalie said...

Yay Lomax! Glad to hear he's doing well :)

Nat, Petey (lomax, whats guide dog college?i think i'm going there soon), and Fielder

Joanna and the dogs said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! *stands up and cheers*

*Kyra* said...

Hey you handsome lab! Happy New Year to you! You have been New Year Tagged! Please follow the link to my site for instructions ;)

Princess Dova said...

Well, that is great that you are in formal training! My name is Cordova and I am being raised for GDB. Can I link to your page??

JuliaR said...

Good for you-all! I can see Lomax being serious, really.

8675309 said...

Princess Dova, you may of course link to us!

And for those of you who've been reading a while and to whom I've not linked, my apologies. One of these days I'll get around to updating my sidebar....

8675309 said...

Kyra --

Thanks for tagging us, and again...sorry I've been so lame about keeping up with the blog!

Lomax's five New Year's Resolutions (if I may be so bold as to speak for him) are:

1.) Study hard and graduate
2.) Study hard and graduate
3.) Keep on wiggling
4.) Steal more cookies
5.) Study hard and graduate