Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lomax Update: Two Weeks Down

Today marks the two-week point since Lomax's turn-in, and I haven't heard anything. As always, no news is good news.

This means that my irrepressible little friend has gone through all his medical checks and, come Monday, will start working with the trainers assigned to his "string" (group of dogs). I'm very excited for him. I'll probably give it another few weeks before I start stalking the puppy department staff, pestering them with phone calls and e-mails, asking how he's doing.

Though come to think of it, maybe I'd be better off not knowing. Less to worry about.


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Dont Worry Jenny,

Lomax will be fine!

I know a Pure Hunk of Molten Labrador when I see one, And with your boy Lomy, its like I am lookin in a mirror!


8675309 said...

Thanks, Chuckles. :)