Friday, March 24, 2006

Pack Order Firmly Established

The roommate was hanging out with us last night just after I got home from work. This is Lomax's nutty time, when he's off leash and out of jacket, and free to zoom around the apartment with wild Labrador abandon.

So Amy was next to the dog toybox, into which Lomax was sticking his head.

"Can I give him something?"


"What does he like?"

"He likes everything. Anything'll do."

"What do you want, boy?" She pulls out and tosses the Holee Roller ball. "You want this?"

No good. Lomax stares at her and wags slightly.

"How about...oh wait, I know...." It was the springy, rubber "DNA" double helix toy he loves carrying around the apartment. "THIS!"

Not so much. Puzzlement with wrinkled brow and another slight wag.

"How about the man?" She tosses the little fleece squeaky-person.


"I don't get it! What does he want?!?"

"To control you."


Natalie said...

hahahaha! that's hilarious...and so true. Petey will only play with toys when he thinks he's in control, i.e. nudging me with them and then taking off so i can't get them. When I don't play with him, he usually drops the toy lol

Lomax is so cute :D

8675309 said...

Petey! You little stinker! ;)

Another funny thing about Lomax and toys...Amy and I have this mannequin in our apartment (his name is Woody), in our living room. For a while after I got him, when I wouldn't take the toy Lomax offered, he'd wiggle his way over to Woody, and try to put the toy in his hand.

It took him a week or two to figure it out, but eventually he got it. ;)

JuliaR said...

A passive aggressive Labrador. Hmm. Mine's just aggressive at the moment - "Play, or else!" Speaking of which, we'd better be going out...