Monday, January 23, 2006


Lomax is "at camp" for a few days up at the GDA kennels. For those of you who aren't puppy raisers, I'll explain: we do this periodically so the dogs can get used to the kennel environment, where they'll be living when they go in for their six(ish) months of formal training. It makes the transition less stressful.

It's been a nice break for me -- and a great opportunity to wear all my black clothing without incident -- but I miss my little yellow man! No doubt he is having the time of his life, surrounded by other dogs, peeing where and when he wants to, and rooming with his brother Liam.

Since I won't have the opportunity to take any photos for a few more days, I'll leave you with one more from our LEGOland adventure:

"Trouble to the east, Lord Lomax!"

"I see it, Sir Bricksalot...take the leash and get me out of here."

"Yes, my liege."


Katherine said...

hahahaha! Loved the pic, especially your captions. I don't know when I'll ever be able to wear black again - just not worth it but I make the sacrifice gladly.

Joanna said...

He LOVES camp GDA, I'm sure he's having a blast!!! Any more news on his breeding tests? Has he had them yet??

8675309 said...

Katherine, yes...the sacrifice of black clothing is worthy. Some days I can swing it, as long as I have my trusty lint roller with me or simply don't care what people think. ;)

And Joanna, no...unfortunately, I haven't heard anything official as far as dates for his breeder eval are concerned. I heard a rumor that lately, it seems as though the evals don't happen until about six weeks before turn-in. That would be a huge bummer!!! But it's just a rumor, so we'll see what happens. Meanwhile, our dear Lomax continues along in his increasingly manly ways. ;)

JuliaR said...

He sure looks like a charmer. You just want to hug him!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!
What a fantastic idea getting the dogs used to the kennels before having to be there full time. I wish our organization did that,

8675309 said...

Thanks, gwiz! You know, one of the things I love about the blogosphere is the potential for information exchange...there are things you guys do that I wish my org did. Maybe we should be making suggestions!