Saturday, November 12, 2005

Does This Photo Make My Butt Look Big?

His work ethic knows no limits. His creed? "On concrete or carpet, towels or turf, I will sleep the deep slumber of the waiting springboard of potential energy -- the working dog -- ready at a moment's notice for the instruction, the treat, the potty break, or the beloved release command! Onward! Zzzzzzzz."


Joanna said...

Give my boy a hug for me!! Today would have been our anniversary, had he stayed with me!! So, give him an extra belly rub. I would love to see him sometime soon! If I had thought about it, I would have invited you two up here this weekend for a special benefit concert my school is having. Lomax would have loved seeing all his old school friends! But, it's a bit too late now! That's alright. I'll see him soon enough, I'm sure. :)

JuliaR said...

I've seen bigger butts on Labradors so I think he is doing just fine.

8675309 said...

Joanna --

Bummer about the concert; I hope it went well! We would have loved to come had we known...but as it turns out, we had a busy day at Trooper's house (I'll blog about it shortly). We've had a great weekend with lots of both work and play time, and rest assured I gave him a big kiss and a vigorous bellyrub and told him it was especially from you. We hope to see you soon!